.05 Cashmere Lashes -Single Length (12 lines)

.05 Cashmere Lashes -Single Length (12 lines)

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**Please note... we have discontinued lash trays with 12 lines. Most have sold out. If you do not see your desired length, please navigate to .05 -16 line trays. 


Sage Beauty Studio’s Cashmere professional fanning Volume/Mega Volume lash extensions are the lightest weight lashes on the market. 

These light weight lashes give an artist more room for creativity in a lash set. OG fanning lashes that feel silky soft and give the luxurious, matte black look that is most desirable to your clientele.  Darkest lash lines approved. 

*Lashes maintain their original fluffiness and keep the perfect curl. 

  • Fan like butter
  • 12 lines per tray
  • Tangle Free
  • Non sticky backing for easy clean up and storing for future use
  • No glue adhesive residue at the base


Darkest lash lines approved.