NEW! Blue Ombre Cashmere Lashes

NEW! Blue Ombre Cashmere Lashes

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Sage Beauty Studio’s Cashmere professional fanning Volume/Mega Volume lash extensions are the lightest weight lashes on the market. 

Our newest Ombre lash trays have the same amazing quality as our original matte black trays with updated packaging. We now have lengths displayed on each line to make easier mapping for you! 

These light weight lashes give an artist more room for creativity in a lash set. OG fanning lashes that feel silky soft and give the luxurious look. Containing 12 lines; 6 lines of light blue lashes and 6 lines of true blue lashes. Unleash your creativity!
Ombre Lash Trays come in single lengths, CC curl and D curl, 10mm-20mm! 

*Lashes maintain their original fluffiness and keep the perfect curl. 

  • Fan like butter
  • 12 lines per tray
  • Tangle Free
  • Non sticky backing for easy clean up and storing for future use
  • No glue adhesive residue at the base